So WHI started this awesome movement encouraging people to write articles about anything they would like to, but the best thing is how each article is reached easily by others and how it brings people closer to each other, allowing us to get to know more about people we've never met, but each one has something to say, so there's no better way to do that than writting. I love reading each text, because I feel like I'm actually talking to that one. I don't really have writting skills, but I do like to put my thoughts on paper, or now, on WHI. I may feel a little shy by publishing texts that might not have any sense, but I like the idea.

Anyways, as I've seen lots of challenges going on I was willing to do one too, not only to express more what I feel, but also to challenge myself to do something different and to do it until the end, once I have some difficulty on starting and finishing some tasks and plans.

So, here are my 10 days topics for the challenge:

1. Write a short story
2. Write about something interesting
3. Write a funny true story
4. Write about today's devotional
5. Write about deep feelings
6. Publish one of my original songs
7. Describe the day
8. Write about today's devotional
9. Don't use words, use pictures (taken by me on this day)
10. What's like to work at church

These are the subjects which I thought I'd like to write about and I'm willing to actually finish this challenge for my own sake of self realization.