So I know I haven't been here in while but I've been busy. So it's like the 3rd week of school and they still haven't transferred me. Turns out I have to wait until next year and if I passed my Living Environment Regents. Wow. So anyway I have made 5 friends since I've been here. Melissa, Janese, Xochi, Katharine, and Mary. Melissa and Xochi are in my geometry class, Janese is in my global history class, Katharine is in my living environment studies class which now that I think about is nothing like actual Living Enviroment. But these girls are nothing like my best friends Alexia, Tracy, and Yasmin. These girls are the best things that have ever happened after me being born, my aunt taking care of me for sis years, my sister taking me care of me for another six years and my mom taking care of me for 3-4 years. She was there though. Let's see .......... so I think I failed my Spanish quiz and I hate geometry and my back always hurts. But I have a locker so yeah. So that's how school is for me so far.

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