This is an ode to a boy; a wonderful one. But if you don't want to be dragged into my little big world, then I suggest you close your eyes. He lived thirty minutes away; two villages from here. But now we're a world apart.

Jeremy was wild, untouched. He was untameble.

I thought I had found my romantic lover. Someone to whom I could bare my raw emotions and whom I was confident would love me anyway. With whom I could share endless desire. He had an unorthodox way of seeing the world and did that with beautiful eyes. He had a strong body and capable hands. He took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to walk new paths. But secure me tight, for this soil is frightening.
Sadly, he couldn't heal the depths in me I had encountered.

And then his complex mind and tragic past took over again, although those were never really gone. It was merely disguised by emotions of happiness. He didn't know what intimacy meant nor could he deal with the soft touch of love. But I still look at him with great admiration. I wish him well, for he was Jeremy.

I'll be counting the days until you find the way back from your other world. But for now, a new spring has arrived.