1- Heartbreak girl.

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Best beat and the first song that I heard. I love it.

2 - Amnesia.

5sos, luke hemmings, and calum hood image
"If what we had was real, how could be fine? Cause I'm not fine at all." I'M DYING.

3 - Vapor.

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It's a real poetry.

4 - Invisible.

invisible, 5sos, and Lyrics image
Actually it isn't one of my favorites, but it's a really a meaningful song, so it should be here.

5 - She looks so perfect.

5sos, calum hood, and luke hemmings image
One of the more know song. The rhythm, the beat, the letter... Everything is amazing.

6 - Jet Black Heart.

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This is the song for a bad day for sure.

7 - What I like about you.

ashton, black, and black and white image
Let's be serious, this cover is better then the original one. They rocks!!

So, here is my favorite 5SOS songs. I love this band so much and If you don't know them it's a good time to search about. You will not regret.