I am writing this feeling my most vulnerable; being real and raw, heart wide open with tears in my eyes because I had the chance to reach out, start out with a simple "hi" and let things fall from there but I let my nerves get the best of me like I always do and I let my anxiety win once again. But with no social media I don't know how? or even where? to contact him without looking like a complete stalker.
Apart of me is hoping serendipity is real and that fate is not only in fairy tales.
Because I know he's out there, he's just out or reach but totally worthy of love. And I don't only feel it in my soul, but I feel it when I breathe and just the thought of him consumes me.
I have dreams, I have the occasional nightmare and than I wake up paralyzed and than I have him.
And out of everything its the hope of finding "H I M" that I hold onto.

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