I think you don't know
how much it costs to you
to tell me that you love me.

I think you don't know
how much it costs to me
to tell you that i'm great

to convince you that i'm just your type,
to fall for you every time
our eyes cross in the room.

And i don't know if this is
a real poem
but one thing is sure,

i like you a little bit more today
and i don't know how
to stop this feeling from growing

like a flower who doesn't love himself
just the way it is, cause your name
is written in the field of love.

Tell me i'm great,
tell me i'm strong enough for a love like this
'cause i don't think so.

Hold me on tight,
Make me yours tonight,
Don't behave like a fool this time.

I feel this bird's singing
In my heart.
I feel so pathetic instead.

This love will take me
to where i was yesterday,
feeling trapped and alone.

Take me to another place,
Out of time,
Out of space.

Please, tell me you'll be
my first love field
in my blossoming life.