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i want to talk about this for really long time, but i wasn't in so bad mood to talk about it.

I started new school year and i met this boy like 2 weeks before shool. Then we started going to same school, but not in same class....we talked throught mobile and only once time in real life, like talk for long time. He was pretty shy so i talked most time. The next days we only said HI to each other and told again only throught the mobile.
Now i am in position, that he is going somewhere with his class and i don't where we are i feel like he is going with his class and there can happen anything.

NOW i want to say to you all the most important thing. Say what you feel to anybody you like or try to tell them what they mean to you. Because when you say it earlier, it'll be harder to leave you for them, they will be with someone else, but they will be thinking about you...YOU ARE THE ONE WHO SAY IT FIRST TO THEM. So please try not forget this, too shy, too late and someone can be on your place .

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That's what i'm talking about...then it's too late..

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