The other day I saw this 15 day writing challenge and I really want to try doing it. I'm going to start with day 2 because I basically already did day 1. You can check it out here:

Day 2: Make a list of thing I am grateful for.

1. I am grateful for my home. A couple weeks ago I experienced hurricane Irma. Many people lost their homes from Irma. The week Irma formed was rough. It was hard to sleep when you didn't know it your house would still be here in a few days.
2. I am grateful for books. You get to escape the real world for a while. There are thousands of different worlds you can escape to.
3. I am grateful for my pets. I have three cats and a dog. They make life more fun. They are always doing something funny or cute.
4. I am grateful for my family. I think this on is obvious. My family is always there for me and I love visiting them. I'm definitely a family person.
5. I am grateful for beauty. I love the aspect of beauty; fashion, makeup, or skin care. I would love to take a cosmetology class. You can mix and match makeup and clothes to create different looks.