Its the year 2017 & I've been on this site since 2014. Here's a look into my world as it is at the current moment.

Heres something you don't know, you may not see me many places now, but you will soon. Where I currently am in my life means I have big dreams. I promise 1 year from now, there will be more to me than sitting in my pajamas whle watching Girlboss.

Hopefully, more inspiring & exciting things...

Age: 18

Occupation: College student

What I really want to do: Inspire others to wear the clothes they love & be comfortable in their own skin. Possibly design clothes??...

Ethnicity: Hispanic & proud :)

I'm from California 🎀

autumn, leaves, and fall image autumn, fall, and cozy image
I was born in the beautiful month of October, meaning my birthday is coming up in a bit!
cuco image khalid and melanin image selena and selena quintanilla image accessories, dope, and fashion image
As of my 18th year, they are in my current faves when it comes to music. (Left to Right: Cuco, Khalid, Selena, Rihanna)
aesthetic, peach, and ombre image aesthetic, brunette, and makeup image beautiful, beauty, and girl image bread, breakfast, and delicious image
These, although 3 are are not mine, best illustrate my current theme happening not only on WHI, but on Tumblr, & IG. (The second one is not only mine, it's me!)
fashion, style, and outfit image girl, stripes, and pretty girls image beauty, body positive, and clothes image beauty, body positive, and clothes image
When it comes to my fashion sense let me just fucking show you! These four best show what my taste consists of! (The last 2 are me, 'cause ya know, its about me...)
comida, food, and i love image pizza, food, and cheese image cheesy, mac n cheese, and yummy image food, yummy, and delicious image
These are my fave comfort foods. The 1st picture is a Sope, its a staple in Mexican food. I grew up on them!
Image by ♡ netflix, pizza, and wallpaper image
Included this in here because this is all I do all day when I don't have to get ready for work!
Image removed Clueless, 90s, and alicia silverstone image
These are my two fave movies when I need a day to just chill! (Left to right: The Shining, Clueless)
fashion, girl, and black image Mature image
AND finally, my last photoset has to do with where I want to go dude! Not exactly modeling but designing clothes! that would be dope, plus my insta is just so fashion me, I love it!


Instagram: sweetmexicanpan

Tumblr: lexaarabella

Twitter: lexaarabella

Bye, sunshines! 💕