Today I will be telling you why being ghost is not a bad thing at all. I don't mean a horror movies ghost. More like a person that nobody can really see or hear that much.

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Firstly, you know that you are a ghost in high school if you do things just like others do, but nobody notice it that much.
You can draw? So does the girl next to you, everybody likes her drawings.
You can sing? Nobody knew.
You dress up hella cute and stylish, but then other girl looks same just 10000 times better because they told her so.

And don't you dare to think that any of these are bad. Giirrrlll, let me tell you! Ghost people are the once who shine bright when they get released ( out of HS lol)

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So now let me tell you the pros of being a ghost!

1. You can act the way you want, nobody cares anyway;
2. You can dresss and wear the makeup you like, nobody notice that much;
3. You can be you, because you are amazing;
4. You can be focused on your success and make them jelous in future;
5. You don't have to live all this drama and hate, who hates something they can't see?
6. Ghosts are the most successful and beautiful humans in the whole planet it just takes time.

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A few more things! You don't have to stay ghost even if it is awesome to be one, you can be what ever you want and don't be shy. Be confident!

It takes only a few seconds to change your life, so change it. You just have to be confiednt and bold. Not easy, but worth it. You don't have to change unless you want to!

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At the end if you are not satisfied with the life you have, there is always a way to make it better.

If you are a ghost I hope you understand how you are vrey special!

Just wait for it, best is yet to come.

You don't have to change unless you want to!