Just a cheesy poem I wrote.
Hope you like it.
(I'm really bad at poetry but I just wanted to share this)

My mind wants to blow up
My heart wants to find love
And my mask is falling off.
The night is starting again
And I feel exhausted as well.
How could I've been so blind?
Am I really trying to fight
The dark thoughts that are coming right at me?
When the sun rises up
I'm falling asleep in the light's arms
And I'm feeling so relieved.
But in my dream
I start screaming like a kid.
Screaming things like:
"Please leave me be
I just want to be happy
I just want to be free".
But I can't find peace.
I'm trying to run away from it.
Screaming and crying
At last I arrive
At the end of a cliff.
I'm terrified and i can't think.
I make a small step and I fall in.
But as I hit the ground I realize I'm not asleep.
That was my mind playing tricks on me.
"What did I do?
Am I happy?
Am I free?
Am I just imagining?".
And then as I smile
I hear a voice from behind
"You are not alone".

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