1. We wouldn’t know what happiness is, if we had never gone into sadness. When something bad happens to us, it helps us giving more worth to the good ones, we need sadness. If every day were party day, there would be no party days.
2. You should value more what you already have. Everything you have: your friends / family, your health, your liberty and even your house, your bed and all the commodities you probably have. We should complain less about things and enjoy more what we already have, even the simplest things.
3. Contrary to what most people might think, happiness has nothing to have with the environment we live in, it has to have with our vision of the world and our vision of ourselves. The only barrier to your happiness is yourself. If you think it is just a cheap inspirational / motivational anti-consumer quote you should read the rest of the article.

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“If I was fucking damn rich of course I would be a lot happier; a lot of my problems would disappear.” In my point of view, it would just make you happier as long as it didn’t become banal to you. Then you would want even more: humans have that bittersweet characteristic: Ambition.
Just think about that this way: Right now there is a “rich” man: he has lots of cars, big houses, expensive clothes, gold furniture but he is mad. Why? Because the caviar is taking a lot to arrive and the meat was not totally “on point”. Now, there is a “poor” man: he lives in a tin hut, full of flies, without potable water and with dirt floor but he just got some meat and now he is the happiest person alive.
The happiness is not in the fucking meat.

We naturally tend to create the illusion that that thing is gonna improve our lifestyle, when in reality, it is something too complex to be truly appreciated by us: we don’t biological need that. Easily we became “bored” of that thing and want something “better”: we could do this infinitely and still remain feeling empty and now more than ever (just look at how faster technology is improving). Nature pays for it and we… still not satisfied yet. Eternal restlessness. We are searching for something in the material world that you could only find into you.

And as always, thank you so much for reading this.


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