Taylor Swift is my favourite singer since a few years ago. It is true that I discovered her music with "1989" but that didn't stop me from appreciate her past country albums.
However, "1989" will always be my favourite album EVER. It has so much meaning to me, I even bought the deluxe version (and I NEVER spend money on cd's, why doing it if you have spotify?).
Today I want to share with you my favourite lyrics of each song.
Hope you enjoy it!

1. Welcome To New York

1989 Superthumb
When we first dropped our bags on apartment floors. Took our broken hearts, put them in a drawer. Everybody here was someone else before. And you can want who you want: boys and boys and girls and girls.

2. Blank Space

1989 1989
Cherry lips, crystal skies. I could show you incredible things.

3. Style

1989 1989
Oh, you got that James Dean daydream look in your eye. And I got that red lip classic thing that you like. And when we go crashing down we come back every time 'cause we never go out of style, we never go out of style.

4. Out of the Woods

1989 Taylor Swift
You took a Polaroid of us then discovered the rest of the world was black and white but we were in screaming color. And I remember thinking... Are we out of the woods yet?

5. All You Had To Do Was Stay

1989 Superthumb
Had me in the palm of your hand. Then, why'd you have to go and lock me out when I let you in? Stay. Hey, now you say you want it back.

6. Shake it Off!

1989 1989
Hey, hey, hey. Just think while you've been getting down and out about the liars, and the dirty dirty cheats of the world. You could've been getting down to this sick beat.

7. I Wish You Would

1989 alternative
You always knew how to push my buttons, you give me everything and nothing. This mad mad love makes you come running, to stand back where you stood. I wish you would, I wish you would.

8. Bad Blood

dark 1989
Did you think we'd be fine? Still got scars on my back from your knife so don't think it's in the past, these kind of wounds they last and they last.

9. Wildest Dreams

1989 1989
You'll see me in hindsight, tangled up with you all night. Burning it down. Someday when you leave me I bet these memories follow you around.

10. How You Get The Girl

1989 1989
I want you for worse or for better. I would wait forever and never. Broke your heart, I'll put it back together. I want you forever and ever.

11. This Love

1989 1989
Your kiss, my cheek; I watched you leave. Your smile, my ghost; I fell to my knees. When you're young you just run, but you come back to what you need.

12. I Know Places

1989 1989
They are the hunters, we are the foxes and we run. Just grab my hand and don't ever drop it, my love. Baby, I know places we won't be found and they'll be chasing their tails tryin' to track us down.

13. Clean

Superthumb Taylor Swift
There was nothing left to do when the butterflies turned to dust that covered my whole room. So I punched a hole in the roof, let the flood carry away all my pictures of you. The water filled my lungs. I screamed so loud but no one heard a thing

14. Wonderland

Taylor Swift Superthumb
I felt your arms twisting around me. It's all fun and games 'til somebody loses their mind. But darling, we found wonderland. You and I got lost in it and we pretended it could last forever.

15. Your R In Love

Superthumb 1989
You can hear it in the silence, silence. You, you can feel it on the way home, way home. You, you can see it with the lights out, lights out. You are in love True love.

16. New Romantics

1989 1989
We need love, but all we want is danger. We team up, then switch up sides like a record changer. The rumors are terrible and cruel but honey, most of them are true.