Write a short story

I'm a day late but I didn't have time yesterday. I wasn't at home all day. So that's my excuse.

A note for my short story. This isn't a short story. It's more of a paragraph, chapter, a clip from a book I'm trying to write but will probably never finish. So it's not complete and doesn't have an ending. It just ends in the middle of it without resolving anything.
Another note: this is pure fiction and nothing of this happened. It's just easier for me to write in first person. With that said here is my short story


Lanterns. That is how bigest college event in our city is called. It starts in the morning with games and picnic and ends late in the night with concerts. My original plan was to go with Sasha and Jake and we would go only to concert. Sasha bailed on us saying that she's just not in the mood especially since she has to come from another city. Jake on the other hand is going. But not with me as we planned but with his guy friends from high school. So again I was left out. I can't say that I'm not used to this because I would be lying. They are the reason my friends from university and I came up with idea of fake boyfriend. Their friend from high school, Jason, was so kind he volunteer to be my boyfriend for one picture. The problem is it didn't end with that one picture. Sasha and Jake really wanted to meet him and I just couldn't stop pretending. Eventually Jason and I became really good friends. Until 3 days ago when we argued about something so stupid I can't even remember anymore. Anyway I called Lisa and Pam, also friends from university but not those who gave me fake boyfriend, and when they suggest I join them I didn't hasitate for another minute.

After some dancing they decide it's time for a drink. They had some alcohol before we even got here. I didn't drink then and I don't plan on now. Still, because I'm scared I will lose them in the crowd I follow them to the bar.

While we wait for the beers I look around for a familiar face. Maybe for some classmates from high school I haven't seen in a while. Or even better for those from middle school. Nothing. I want to turn around when I spot Jason on the other side of the bar. Of course I knew he will be here. I just hoped I wouldn't see him. He's not alone. On his right is standing his friend. I met him before. On his left there is this gorgeous blonde girl. Tall, pretty and dressed in really tight short black top with deep cleavage and, I have to guess because I can't see through bar, shorts. I bet she's wearing high heels even though concert is on grass and it rained yesterday so it's still sinking a little. The whole package just sreams I'm here to hook up. This is probably her whole plan. She came here only for guys. I guess it's working because next thing I see is Jason's hand around her waist, his thumb making circles on her bare skin. He whisper something to friend and they smile. After that he turns back to girl who is already leaving the bar. Right before he follows her he spots me and stops. Our eyes meet.

Suddenly I can barely swallow. I feel pressure on my chest. I want to leave but I can't move. I'm frozen. It looks like he is too but then girl returns, takes his hand and leads him away. I'm still standing there like a statue. Completely speachless.

"are you sure you won't anything?" Lisa pokes me into shoulder. I snap out but I can't erase the image of Jason with another girl. It just struck me that I like him. And not only as a friend. I liked him this all time but I was to afraid to admit it to myself.

The pain won't go away so I tell Lisa to order beer for me too. Maybe if I'm drunk I will forget.? I drink beer as fast as possible in hope that it will affect me immediately since I'm not used to drinking. It doesn't. It takes a lot more beer and some shots with guys from high school, I notice at the bar later, to finally feel a little dizzy.

I saw other people being drunk many times. There are 3 types of drunk people:

  • one that look straight through you
  • one that cry and puke outside the club
  • and one that is to drunk to do anything except lie somewhere in the bushes.

All 3 types ends the same way: not remembering what happened. I remember everything. The worst thing is I still remember Jason with this girl. No matter how much I drink I can't forget it. Or maybe I still didn't have enough.

As an anwer I start to feel badly. I drag Pam and Lisa away from the crowd just in time. When we get to bench that is surprisingly free and sit down I start puking. And crying. This is the worst I felt in my life. And all this because of a guy. A guy who sees me only as a friend. I can't believe I let this happened. I swear to myself I will never be one of those girls who cry because of a guy. Who would get drunk because of a guy. But now that's exactly who I become.

Hope you like it. Like I said this is only a part of bigger book.

Day 1. Write an article that's about YOU. Introduce yourself!
Day 2. Make a list of the things that you are grateful for.
Day 3. Make a list of your favorite books.
Day 4. Make a list with things you couldn't live without.
Day 5. Write a short story.
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