Hey guys, how are you? Today, I will write an article that Armys will love I think! I had already done this kind of article before for EXO, but I want to make this with my second favorite Kpop band, Bangtan Boys ! As usually, I hope you will like this article ! And one more time, I want to thank the people who follow me and read my articles, it gives me too much pleasure, sincerely, you are great!

Let's talk about songs of BTS who deserve the detour and who could even have a clip!

So let's go ! ٩(˘◡˘)۶

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They are happy that a finally made an article about them, ahaha


I believe in myself, My back hurting is for my wings to come out
I believe in you, even if things are bleak right now
The end will be great
kpop, wings, and you never walk alone image
If my wings could fly

This song has a very nice message and is one of my favorite BTS for that! It pushes us to go forward, to motivate ourselves, to fail is not a problem when we get up! I love the voice of Jungkook, his english is perfect. But Rap's early rap of Monster and Jhope, they're just too good!


Will you stop time, If this moment passes
As though it hadn’t happened
I’m scared scared scared I’ll lose you
butterfly, header, and jin image

This song is also one of my favorite, I find it soft, enjoyable, the piano start makes me really vibrate, when I hear the voice of Jungkook, I die instantaneously. This song transports us into another world and makes us dream. I realized that Jimin's voice was a marvel. Is it true? Untrue! To tell you the truth, it's my alarm clock in the morning!


Enduring more, holding out
So hard, it’s collapsing again
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This song reminds me strongly of The Wknd, with this air a little sensual. I love this song so much, it gives me somewhat strange cravings ahah. Do not judge me, I'm sure that with you it is the same thing , hehe. It's a different style and it must be admitted that it suits them well!

04. RAIN

The thick color of a rainy day in Seoul
I still can’t fall asleep as I fade away
gif, bts, and jimin image
It’s a rainy night, the rain knocks on my window, it hits my heart

This song is so sweet and pleasant to hear. To listen without moderation! Jungkook's voice is so beautiful! The rap of the boys is perfectly incrusted in the song. This little rhythm with the piano is soothing, I still remember the release of this album, I only listened to that, she relaxed me. Great memories ahah.


I rewind my girl baby come back to my world
I rewind my girl come back
bts, jin, and kpop image

This song. I love the lyrics, I love the beat, calm and heavy at the same time. I can not believe that it is an outro, because it is too perfect. My baby, explain it!


You got the best of me
So please just don’t leave me
bts, jin, and jhope image

One of my favorite in their new album! I love the chorus. This collaboration with Chainsmokers is perfect for my taste, I'm not disappointed, it deserves a clip! The words in English remain in the head, we want to sing it.


Did you see my bag
My bag’s filled with trophies
How you think bout that
Haters are already giving up
bts, jimin, and jungkook image

This songs is just like a Cypher but with every members, that's what I like ! I like every Cypher too ahah. I recently saw the performance live, it was just perfect, choreography, voices, raps, I love this song. It stands out from the rest and recalls the roots of BTS. It also caters to HATERS and love it!

And you what are your favorite BTS songs out of the main! Do not hesitate to send me a message to tell me! :)

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