these are just Some of my favorite lyrics by them♥ (you totally should listen to these songs if you haven't already).

18, Lyrics, and liam payne image 18, edit, and four image

18 // four

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fool's gold // four

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happily // midnight memories

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History // made in the a.m.

clouds, edit, and home image edit, home, and layout image

Home // Perfect EP

Lyrics, aesthetic, and pink image

if i could fly // made in the a.m.

awake, night, and stars image infinity and one direction image Temporarily removed

infinity // made in the a.m.

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i wanna write you a song // made in the a.m.

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little things // take me home

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long way down // made in the a.m.

one direction, Lyrics, and quotes image one direction and Lyrics image

love you goodbye // made in the a.m.

love, one direction, and loved you first image

loved you first // take me home

one direction, butterflies, and olivia image

Olivia // made in the a.m.

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Once in a lifetime // four

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ready to run // four

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spaces // four

four, Lyrics, and all caps image broken, Lyrics, and quote image four, Lyrics, and purple image four, Lyrics, and purple image

where do broken hearts go // four

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you and i // midnight memories