You were here, we were happy. Life was so easy, so beautiful. Every morning I woke up thinking about you. I loved your smell, I loved your smile. I loved everything about you. I was so in love that I couldn't see that everything was falling appart. You were here, the second after you were gone. Nothing would never be the same anymore. I was alone. Feeling sad, depressed and nobody to rely on. Yes I was so in love with you that I lost all my friends. It was YOU, just YOU. Nothing else mattered as long as I was with you. But now you're gone and I am so alone. I wish I could change things. I wish I could have opened my eyes before. I wish love didn't' made me so blind. Now you're gone. I don't eat anymore, I don't do anything else than crying. I feel so bad. And you, how do you feel ? Do you also feel the pain ? Do you miss me as I miss you ?

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No I can't stay lying in bed forever. Life is so much more than this. I've got to get up. Call my friends, see them. Meet new people. Party all night. In a week I'll turn 20, I just wanna be happy again and I know it's possible. There's always hope even when you think there's not. Now you're gone, yes, but I''m still here. Life goes on. I know the best is yet to come. All i've got to do is to get up and have fun. Life is so short, we must enjoy it as much as possible. The pain is still there. My heart is still broken in million pieces. But I know one day someone will come and hug me so hard that all these pieces will get back together. And even when you are feeling lonely and depressed just remember that things always change. Happiness is always at the end of the road. It sometimes takes time to come but it always come. Now you're gone. Now i want to start to live again.