Hey Ink Fans,
I am vey interested in Tattoos and the reasons other People choose to get them :) So now I want to share my ink and meanings as well.
I for myself wanted a tat since I was 13 but got my first one (on the wrist) pretty late, when I was 24. I have ten right now, but definalty want to get more.
So here they are, starting with...

1. I have the Little prince tattooed on my inner right arm, because I think everything importatnt in life, you can find in this wonderful tiny book. I read a lot, but this book will always be my fave. It fits my philosophy on how I see the universe working. So I always wanted to Keep this Little guy with me.

books, ink, and literature image

2. I have a musictape wich says Rob Thomas above my left ankle.
Rob is my fave musician of all times. Hi music saved me, in times I was very, very sick. He gives me so much hope and strengh, since I found his Band Matchbox Twenty about 11 years ago. The tape even forms the letters of the band (MB20) if U pay attention.
Ist my fave tat! It means so much to me.

ink, music, and tattoo image

3.) I have a reddish, pink feather on my inner left arm, which is writing the signatures of the two german classic Poets Schiller and Goethe, cuz I am a huuuuuge fan of classic literature and poetry. I write Poems since I can remember and they inspired me a lot. I travelled to the house Schiller was born in and experienced a Moment of enlightening. So I really wanted a Tattoo which reminds me of that part of me.

feather, ink, and literature image

4. I have a tiny envelope tattooed above my inner left ankle that says H, which stays for one of my closest friends. We are pen pals for like 16 years now. It was a surprise tat, she didnt know about , till I got it ;)

friendship, ink, and Letter image

5. I got a compass Tattoo on my inner left arm, which stays for always trusting to find the ways in life, that lead us in better directions.

compass, ink, and rose image

6. I got the signature of Avril Lavigne on m left wrist, cuz she i my fave female Artist since her first single came out. Every record of her reminds me of another Phase in m life. She was always there when I was a teenager and I aways felt that we are very similar. Plus she aways was my Idol when it coms to style.

ink, tattoo, and avrillavigne image

7. The next pic Shows two tattoos in one, cuz they are very close to each other on my body (on my right ankle)
Its the logo from my fave Tv Show, which means so much to me, I found my dearest friends and even my husband because we were all connected through Buffy the Vampire slayer. I dont know how my life would have been without it. I wanted to get tis tattoo for 10 yeas till I finally got it.

And 8. which is the logo of the rockband Thirty seconds to mars, just becase I am a longime fan and I really liked th way it looks.

30stm, buffy, and ink image

Las but not least

9. That was m first tattoo ever. It is th Quote Let love rock your life (the o in rock is a peace sign) with a simple heart. I read it somewhere and wanted to get it on a spot I always look at. To remind me that thee is nothin that rocks ur lif more, thn simply love.

ink, rocknroll, and tattoo image

Sooo I hope you enjoyed my atricle. Maybe U want t share your ink, too? :)