I see it,
bright as ever
It's everywhere,
From one angle to another,
Spreading like a virus.
For a minute there's a serene feel
That dances through the air.
Then comes the panic frenzy and
I fall once more into a comatose state
Between life and death
I don't know where I am
I'm not even sure if I'm standing
I think I'm floating.
All my thoughts begin to evaporate
Once again I lose track of time
I feel the crisp thin air on my rosy cheeks
The sky paints a pastel haze and
Then it turns into a snow cone hue
The stars slowly come out from their hiding spaces
Handfuls of diamonds
The cold beneath me caresses my back
The flames that were once before me have disappeared
I'm left with a cold firm hug
That covers me up like a mantle