I went to Ibiza with my best friends, two weeks ago. Since then i have falling in love with this beautiful world and wanna see more places and make good memories.

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I'll show you my travel goals. Hope you get some inspiration -
I've also added places I've already visited. These are indicated by ☼

♡ Travel Bucket List

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✈ Zakynthos
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✈ Formentera ☼
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✈ Lissabon
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✈ Aruba
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✈ Venice
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✈ The Bahamas
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✈ Ibiza ☼
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✈ Los Angeles
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✈ Paris ☼
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✈ Santorini

One day I will go to all these places. These are of course not all the places I want to see.I will write a second article if this one goes well.

Hope you like it
xo Tess