Articles are hard to write, and finding a topic is even harder to do. I feel that having a good topic and good grammar is what makes a good article. stick around and find out how to improve your skills and find more ideas.

Getting the readers attention is prior to writing a good article. if you don't grab the readers attention then they will most likely leave. Having a introduction is a first and is needed, but you can't have a introduction without a good topic. Finding the perfect topic is hard. Write ideas down, take notes and think of possible things that go along with your profile. For example, I really love anime therefore I would do a anime related topic, or K-POP. Go on other peoples pages and get possible ideas and get inspiration from them. Don't steal the topic though!!!!

Proper punctuation and spelling is a must for writing an article. always have someone spell check your spelling. having someone check your stuff will help you write a proper article.
its is very unprofessional to have bad spelling and grammar.

Well I hope this helped a little bit. make sure you write good article. see you later hearter.