Omg I love them so much. Well, I love him. Bill. I love his character (of course nobody of us knows, his full character, but I love everything I know about him), his voice and his style.
I listen everyday to their music. It's like you are in a dreamworld. Dream machine. I think that's what the boys wanted; to show their fans their dream world.
And now Bills style. I love it so much. He express hisself everyday with another look. He always says that he is a shy Person in private life, but with his clothes he doesn't look like that. Everybody who Looks at him thinks that he is really confident because of his clothes.
I like that. I don't want to copy it (of course it doesn't work), but I want to have that confidence to think like he does.

I'm just happy now that I can go to their concert in november this year!