If somebody asked me what would i like to erase about my life, i wouldn´t erase anything.
Honestly, i think every moment of our lifes is are equally important, because they contribute to make the person we are today.
No matter if they are sweet memories or bitter ones.
I believe every one of us have a function in life, and that´s the " KEY" to find out who we really are as persons.
In my opinion, i think an experience it´s more valuable than just someone telling you how they experienced it, and sometimes people that try to give you advices, oftenly commit the mistake where they think that the way they did it it´s the only good way to do it.
My point it´s that the fun part of being alive is the experience.
All of these thoughts are a story inside of my fragmented mind, of my heart. and my existence.
I´ve created this article with simple words that can include lots of everyday topics; foraging small pieces every word gets a meaning the simple words convert into complex ones, and the everyday stuff transforms into something unique.

- Areli Her.