Hi world. So I saw 15 Days Writing Challenge on WHI and I thought that would be great challenge to complete because I love writing.

>>> 1 Day <<<

Article about myself. Introduction.

You can look here to see how I look:

My name is Ausrine and I'm 15 years old. I'm from Lithuania, it's not so big country near beautiful Baltic sea in Europe.

I really love:

  • gossip girl
love, gossip girl, and couple image
  • reading books
book, coffee, and lights image
  • vintage style
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  • flowers, nature
flowers and roses image
  • dogs OFC
Image by stairway to heaven
  • shopping
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  • coffe
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  • makeup


  • great music
  • traveling
  • taking pictures
  • being model
  • being arianator since 2013
  • chocolate
  • memes
  • christmas

my angels (ari for life):

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Justin, Ariana, Gabi, Ed

I also am very optimistic, generous, happy, sometimes lazy.

Okay so I think that's too much information lol. I hope you liked reading it.
till next time,
kisses xx