Hi people, this is my first article and I'm very excited about that, so today I'm gonna talk about autumn (my favourite season) and I really hope that you like it, enjoy!

❥ 1) Carve a pumkin

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image

❥ 2) Wear worm clothes

autumn, scarf, and fall image

❥ 3) Read a book while drinking a hot drink

book, coffee, and lights image

❥ 4) Standing in front of the fireplace

love, couple, and autumn image

❥ 5) Go for a trip in the mountains

nature, autumn, and forest image

❥ 6) Have a cute and comfy breakfast

breakfast, light, and food image

❥ 7) Wear worm socks

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❥ 8) Collect Leaves

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❥ 9) Drink a hot chocolate with marshmallows

Temporarily removed

❥ 10) Put Christmas lights everywhere

light, christmas, and winter image

I hope that you enjoyed, thi was my first experience and I'll probably do other articles in fututre, well...