Day 1. Write an article that's about YOU. Introduce yourself!

I've had this WHI account since I was fifteen. I'm twenty now, and I feel like, after five years, it's about time you guys know who I am.

My name is Ariel (yes, like the mermaid, but pronounced "ah-ree-el") but most people just call me Elle.

I'm an ambivert, meaning I'm neither an extrovert nor an introvert, but both. Depending on the day, I can either be extremely talkative, sassy, giggly, and bubbly (sometimes this can get me in trouble at work) or I could be so quiet, people usually have to corner me in order to get me to say anything. But most of the time I'm a mixture of both, especially when I'm with my friends. I'm happiest quietly but playfully messing around with my best friends, whom I adore.

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I'm kinda spacey and have a low attention span. It can be really frustrating when others are talking to me and something else catches my attention. Add this to the fact that I trust strangers very quickly, and you can easily imagine the heart attacks I nearly gave my mom as a child. Lately, this problem got me into a lot of trouble (The Summer Stalker of 2k17) but it's something I'm working on.

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Veganism is something that's so so so important to me. I don't even consider it as just a diet, but as a way of life in general. To me, it's about compassion. That's it. And that's what I want to live by: compassion. Maybe one day I'll write an article that goes more in-depth...

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Aesthetic #1: I'm in a black turtleneck. It's 2004, and it's autumn in Manhattan and I'm sitting in a café, casually stirring my chai whilst reading the auras of those who pass me by. I share a studio apartment with my best friend who works at a bookstore and at three in the morning we discuss philosophy and films.
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Aesthetic #2: I'm in the forest, living in a treehouse with a small community of people and we have a garden where we grow our own organic food. In the mornings I light incense and do yoga. There's a crystal around my neck. I pick flowers to put in my friends' hair and my pig follows me everywhere I go.
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Aesthetic #3: I'm in a highrise building on the upper east side of NYC, where my luxury condo overlooks the city. I'm dressed in a long silk robe and I'm laying on my grand piano, drinking champagne. My girlfriend is playing Tchaikovsky and her eyes are like diamonds.

My God, do I adore the stars. The moon. Basically, anything pertaining to space. Living in a highly populated area means it's sometimes hard to see the stars at night, so I watch a livecam from an observatory in California and it helps me fall asleep.

My second favorite thing to do is talking to strangers. As mentioned earlier, this can get me in trouble, but I still love it. I love hearing stories, and I love sharing them. I love making soul connections with people I've just met, and will probably never see again. It's why I love writing stories so much. Other forms of art I love to do is draw, paint (not that I'm very good at either), and video editing.

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This is me, trying to live my best as a 20-year-old human being on this planet. I have so many lessons to learn. So many people to meet and things to see. I'm not very easily defined... not yet, anyway.

I love you,