I'm back with my first 'actual' article.

I thought it'd be a nice topic to talk about since it's the weekend and school is back (for me at least). I'm sat here with a cup of hot mocha and I thought let's do it.

Self pampering is the best, most important thing EVER for your mental health and perhaps even physical health. I only knew this for about a year ago and I can honestly say it completely changed a lot of things for me.

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You need to know that it's okay to put yourself first, it's okay to tell yourself you're important.

it's not selfish to love yourself. its okay to spend time to get to know yourself better. Know what you love, what makes you comfortable, what makes you happy. It's important to spend some time on yourself.

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Have a night off, read a magazine or watch your favorite youtuber. put on a face mask and some music.

Just put yourself first.