This article is about how to deal with anxiety and I just thought I'd share some of my tips for coping with anxiety.

1. Do something that calms you when you feel the anxiety coming like reading, writing, listening to music etc.

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2. Call someone and talk to them or just hear another persons voice

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3. Surround yourself with positivity and things that calm you. For instance it can be something so simple like changing your phone background to something that reminds you that you are okay.

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4. Small steps. Give your self a break sometimes and don't rush everything. That takes away some of the stress that may be causing your anxiety.

5. Breathe!

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Anxiety can be very overwhelming and make some days unbearable, but it truly helps to have a support system around you that can make it easier. This are just some things that I find helpfull, and i hope you found something that can help you too. <3