"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise."
-Frank Ocean

For those who have already been at that point of life when you just want to give up and let everything go to hell.
Well, if you are not one of us you can keep reading, just to make sure you 're prepared for dark times, bc it's important to find the light in these, not even days, moments. To find the light you have to be motivated :)

1. Imagine where you see yourself in ten years
it causes the feel of guilty because you're not studying and then you know if you're not studying your grades will be low and if your grades are low you won't be able achieve you goals.

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2. Have goals / dreams
It's important to know what you fight for. Don't believe people who say they don't have dreams. We all do, and that's okey.

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3. Reward yourself
For example for every page you learn reward yourself with chocolate etc. :) (my favorite)

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4. Read motivational quotes
That helped me a lot. You can make a collection with motivational pictures as I did.
Here is mine:

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Hope that helped!
Thanks for reading :)