In the center of the city
Cars and bikes flash by.
Everyone looks so busy;
I'll sit and have a coffee,
'Cause the big crowd makes me a bit dizzy.

In this old coffeeshop,
It's like the time has stopped...
It's a tiny, warm place where to relax,
When everything in life seems to go so fast.

I see a woman.
She's gorgeous, must be a celebrity of some kind...
The heads turn, but she needs no man!
She's looking for success, I wonder what's going on inside her mind.

Then I see a couple, I can't help but smile.
Two young men walk across the street holding hands;
They get ignored, or even bad looks,
But one sticks out his tongue and his boyfriend laughs.

I sip my coffee, and I spot a man from the corner of a walley;
He sits on the ground, his hair has gone grey.
His begging for money, yet people avoid him, I see-
Suddenly a young girl hops to him and gives him candy.
Her mother pulls her away, but the old man gives the girl a friendly wink.

I notice a small group boys of the same age;
Asian, African, Irish and Indian, it's delightful color range.
They step into the coffeeshop and the happy conversation fills the space,
They're loud and happy, all talking in their nationally accurate ways.

So many people in one place,
Everyone doing things in their own ways.
Walking alone,
Or walking with friends...
Coming from all over the world,
Many words for the same word.
All living their lifes,
Something in their minds.

The rush keeps this city alive;
Its heartbeat doesn't stop even when it's night.
Nothing can switch off it's lights.
Everybody is working together well, thank God for human rights!

My cup is empty, and I know it's getting late.
Gotta go home, mum doesn't like to wait...
I hate to leave, it's cold outside;
Owner of the café gives me a genuine smile:
"Welcome back sometime, goodbye!"