1. Audition for modeling for company store like like Free people, forever 21, Zara, etc to be noticed more.

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2. Make sure the model agency's are legit. Got to model agency's like IMG, Ford, Elite Model management, Wilhelmina Models, and Next Management.

Step Make sure your pictures are makeup free, and all natural, keep your chin up, and don't slouch much as well, and wear a plain shirt, and jeans.

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Tip Keep your shoulder's up, so you can look more of model.

3. Height

Height doesn't really matter a bit, they are limits to it,you have to be about 5'5, and up.

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4. Rejection
If an agency rejects you, don't get disheartened; often an agency is looking for a diverse set of models, so you may just not fit their model lineup right now. Keep on trying.

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5. If you are minor
Teenage girls can be between the height of 5'9 - 5'10 some can be 5'7 - 5'8 depending on the girl if they have a great look, with expressive eyes, an great smile.

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Make sure your thin(Not unhealthly thin), and slim to make you stand out, and seem more taller if you are
Teen girls must take direction well, be on time for photo shoot, castings and all appointments.
Teenage Models must stay fit ,the size is between size 2 and 6.

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Teen girls must take direction well, be on time for photo shoot, castings and all appointments.
Tbh Teenage girls can be between the ages of 13 and 21 and this is based on how mature(Some agents like younger looks) the girl is. Many girls work junior's after 21, it just depends on if she still has great energy, clear skin and looks like she can still be in school.
Girls should drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep.

More notes,and tips
First, find an agency that will accept you. They have open calls, but the best thing to do ( Tbh) is to submit your photos to them. All agencies prefer color photos, and they do not have to be very professional. Just regular snapshots, with your hair pulled away from your face and slim to none makeup. They want to see your natural beauty. Also, most agencies want a body shot and a head shot, and sometimes a mid-length body shot.

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Good luck beautiful's, and i hope this is helpful, and good :)