I read a lot. I've actually read 30 books just this year. I read so much that my friends say you read so much you'll become a book one-day and although, that kinda seems impossible; but for someone who has read so many fantasy books, it really does seem likely that I will indeed become a book one day.

With that being explained, I would like to start off by a quote that is literally my life motto.

Sleep is good, but books; books are better.
-A legend obviously.

And so, if that quote spoke to you on a spiritual level, then please, do go ahead and read my reviews of the best YA novels I've read.

1. Eleanor and Park (By Rainbow Rowell)

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The first book ever, written by Rainbow. This book is so underrated, to be honest. If there's something that really gets me hooked to a book, it's the way every emotion is so purely described I can literally relate to it.

And that is exactly what I felt like the very first time I read Eleanor and Park. The beautiful way in which Rainbow has described how Eleanor and Park gradually fall in love is unlike anything I've ever read before. It puts a big full-stop next to anyone who claims that teenagers can't know what love is. The best part is that it just isn't something that is written without any context or major conflicts. It perfectly depicts each and every single conflict without making it any easier for the two characters. Love, love, LOVE everything about this book and I'm proud to say that I have read it five times now and have smiled, curled up and cried just as I did the very first time.

2. Everything, Everything (By Nicola Yoon)

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credits to: @VampPrincessx

Honestly, if you haven't read this book; WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? shoves the book into your hand I promise you, you won't regret it. Not only is it really different from what you usually read but it has a HUGE plot twist that I'm trying so hard not to write about.

But really, the way Olly falls for Maddy is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time knowing they can't be together but what makes this book worth reading is the message you get from it. Love is worth the risk. It seriously is worth risking everything for. Not just the book, but the movie is pretty amazing too. I'd rate it a 9/10 despite what everyone has to say about it.

3. I'll Give You The Sun (By Jandy Nelson)

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Another underrated book that not many people have heard of (in my opinion). It has one of the most complicated plots I have ever read. A story of love, betrayal, family, and loss all morphed into one terribly sad book that has a beautiful ending. The entire time I was reading this book, I felt my heart grow heavier and heavier imagining what each of the characters had to suffer through. Especially since there are so many points of views that come together and make sense in the most amazing way. And even better; it all starts with two twins, Noah and Jude who aspire to become artists inspired by their mother's own passion for art.

4. All The Bright Places (By Jennifer Niven)

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*disclaimer: this one might trigger you because of the mention of suicide, depression etc

This one broke my heart. It really did. It has this certain vibe to it that made me stay quiet and distance myself from people even though I'm sure I can in no way relate to the kind of depression the two characters; Violet and Theodore went through and how they found peace in each other, but of course, not even love can help sometimes.
I love how the author has truly put her heart into every single word that has been written in this book. None of it seems fictional at all. Definitely, would read it a second time.

5. Fangirl (By Rainbow Rowell)

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Okay CUE THE FANGIRLING OVER FANGIRL I cannot stress how much I love Rainbow Rowell for writing this book. Not only is does it make you go omg this is so me but, she also wrote a book just for the fandom her character, Cath follows (It's called Carry on if you didn't know). I MEAN CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? WHO ELSE DOES THAT BESIDES RAINBOW????

And omg not to mention Levi, who falls for Cath and asks her to tell him about her story (I think we all need a Levi in our lives). All in all, it is an extremely relatable, extremely well-written story that also describes how college can drive people apart; especially Cath and her twin, Wren as they discover things on their own.

6. Paper Towns (By John Green)

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credits to: @fxftyshades

Okay shields herself before anyone comes to attack me, saying that liking this book makes me a total basic Tumblr girl. I just want to say that I really from the bottom of my heart love John Green and all his books ever written. Actually, if I hadn't stopped myself from doing so, the past 5 books would've all been his books. I'm serious.

There's a certain way in which he writes his books which makes them stand out. Paper towns is another one of those books which tell the story of how Margo disappears but unlike every other time, where no one bothers looking for her, Quentin is determined to find her this time. And after following a lot of clues and an adventure that brings his friends closer together, he finally finds her one day before their high school prom and..... stops herself I'm sorry, I really don't want to ruin it for those of you who haven't read it yet winks.


And that kids, brings me to the end of this list. I will probably write a second part to this, but as of right now, my mother is about to lose her chill because I should be studying rn.

But thank you for reading everything if you did. I'm not the best at giving reviews, but for the sake of my own hobby, I did.

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Ciao and happy reading!