You never know what is waiting for you to be discovered, you never know what is there to be seen, you never know when you can reach it. You wander and wonder. It has been a while you've been away from city lights and noise and people. Do you know what I love most about the woods? The green. What a lively color, haa? The silence, isn't it sweet? Just go forward, have no fear, it is nature and you are becoming a part of it, step by step, you leave the noisy life and go deep into the trees, into the woods. Listen, do you hear the birds? Can you find the, see them fly? Don't you wish you could fly? If you could, would you ever come back on the ground? Good question, but you can' answer, can you? you again go and go. Do you feel calmer? Do you still have your party dress on mind? Probably no. Or do you have something on mind from the life you left the moment you stepped inside this green place? Fanny, isn't it? How many stupid stuff we have on mind and how fast can the woods make us forget all of them? Do you wish to stay, to run from that stupid life? I do every time I go inside the woods, inside the nature. Here I am me..