Hello my lovely sleepy licornes! ~

A few months ago I started to take care about my skin more and more seriously then up until then. I learned that a base is having a pretty and healthy skin which looks wonderful and fresh even without tons of makeup. Except the right skin care suitable for your skin type there is also another important key to a flawless skin - a sleep. Get a proper beauty sleep - so simple yet still so hard for some people.

Me and a sleep

Optimal sleep is somewhere between six to nine hours per night. Well, those numbers are nice but we don´t have to forget a fact, that everyone´s body and everyone´s organism is unique. Between 10 pm and 2 am is body regenerating itself. People who have a good sleep are less wrinkle prone than the others - they can be thankful to collagen production. Personally I try to go to bed before 0:15 am after my night skincare routine. Even if I get a good sleep I have a huge problem with getting up out of the bed - even I´m already awake I´m just rolling in the bed. And that´s a big mistake because you are more tired after that.

During the summer I decided to get up earlier - at 8 am to 9 am. I´m pretty aware that most of people is already working and fully awake but well, even the slower journey is a journey! I´m glad I decided to not to sleep almost a half of a day. I will be also forced to get up early because of my job so it´s good too. But I also have to work more on a sleeping - I can´t fall asleep before midnight and sometimes I can´t sleep at all, whole night. For example during the summer when it´s sooo hot even during the night. Not a very pleasant feeling.

My liquid intake is very rich and I always keep a 2l bottle full of water near my bed. I eat healthy and balanced food but sometimes I just get hungry in the night. In that case I go to the kitchen and have something small. I can´t sleep when I´m hungry so instead of rolling in the bed for hours I rather go to eat something small and light.

Inability to fall asleep may be cause by several problems - stress, nervousness, anxiety, high caffeine content in your body (which reminds me I have to stop drink so much coffee!), alcohol, hard and exhausting work, problems and negative thoughts, irregular sleep, health problems, hunger etc.

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