Skin Care routine♡

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Hello my faithful companions

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Today I wanted to discuss skin care, your skin is the base of your face, a good skin care routine is what will enhance your makeup.

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The brands I love are: Beauty Formulas, Clean and Clear, and T zone

♡ I remove my makeup using Johnsons baby oil. I swear by this stuff!

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♡ I steam my face first, I have a steamer, however you can run the hot tap in your sink lean over it with a towel over you. The towel will restrict the steam to your face. This opens your pours, which is where most of the gross bits hide! (Ew!)

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♡ I then exfoliate with a brush and a exfoliator. This removes any dead or dry skin. I liked to use 'Beauty Formulas Charcoal Facial Scrub' and sometimes 'Beauty Formulas deep action pore exfoliator'.

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♡ I then apply my cleanser, I like to switch up my cleanser. I use 'Beauty Formulas Charcoal Detox Cleanser', 'T zone Clear Pore Facial Wash', and 'T zone Deep Pore Cleansing Cream Wash'

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♡ Afterwards I dab my face dry using a clean towel, dabbing is more gentle than rubbing.

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♡ I apply a mask, usually a Beauty Formulas mask, which is either sheet or clay. T zone have come out with peel masks, which I may test and review if you guys would like.

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♡ Now I apply a blemish gel. Clean and Clear have a good one called 'Clean & Clear Treament Gel' and T zone also do one.

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And now I am finished. I made sure all the products were as affordable as possible.

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