I feel like I'm not supposed to do anything special in life. I'm just gonna be there, no one's gonna notice how I feel, how I always look lost in thought, no one's gonna wonder what I'm thinking about, no one's going to care if they see scars on my wrists. I'm not gonna be special to anyone, I'm not gonna hear someone tell me that they love me the way I want them to. Its inevitable. I wish it wasn't, but it is. I'm not gonna hear someone say that I mean the world to them, because I don't. And I can't tell anyone how I'm ACTUALLY feeling, because they're not gonna care. They're just gonna shake it off, like its not a big deal. Because it isn't. To them. All I want is to be worth something to someone, and not just the smart kid who's always reading. Or the fat one. Or the ugly one. But that's all I'm ever gonna be.