Before: I found this challenge in @eifos9

Day 1: Write an article that's about YOU. Introduce yourself!

My name is Cristina, i have 16 years old, i'm turning 17 the 29 of august.

I'm latina, i'm from Venezuela. I don't have really a politic side for my opinions like all the people here have, i just think the politic in this country is a big piece of shit. I love my country but i hate living here, ¿Why? Well, i'm losting all my youth -and my life itself- in a place where you can't feel safe in any place, even in your home; where you just get stressed cause' you really don't now if you gonna get dinner or lunch today; so you try to don't talk about that, just try to do your things, have hope, remember good days but you only know this type of life and anyway the situation of the country smash on your face over, and over again.

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By other side where everything is more nice, i love literature, books are my passion, reading and writing about new worlds never imaginated is so wonderfull. My favorite genres are fantasy in general, Dysthopian things, and poetry or purple prose. I upload some articles about the books i read, you can find everything in my Book.ish collection:

also i upload some of my poems, if you're interest:

Is already my last year of high school, six years after of be welcome in a catholic helll i'll be graduated of Middle technician in Computing, with honnors in programming

Now, i don't know what study in college, but i'm interest in the carreers of Grapic Desing and Arquitecture

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I love dogs, all my life i've had doggies, now i have a beautiful German Pastor -with some of a little cat in his veins- called Jay Alfonso Antonio, or Baby , Love, Cutiest thing, Mommy's little thing and the list keep growing

My group of friends is really diverse, from the skin color to their religion, I've known most of them for 5 years or more. I think yeah, there all are my friends but i just have one or two trudly friends in a group of more of ten people.

I have known my boyfriend for almost twelve years, for about three years we started intermittently flirting, and at the sun of today we arrived almost eight months as a couple and it is wonderful.

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And, yeah, i think that's almost everything what comes to mind about me right now, haha. Sorry for the english, as you know is not my native language, but i try hard.

Thank you for read!