If you know me (by the pics that I upload on We Heart It), you know that I love Korean music (from pop, hip hop, to even indie rock and sometimes even traditional music). Well, for my first "article" I decided to share some of my fav Korean songs. A lot of them are not even that popular (as much as they deserve). The list it's random (so no top 10, they are equally good). So here we go:

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Jessi - Gucci
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M.I.B - 치사BOUNCE (CHISA'BOUNCE) (miss them so much :/)
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M.I.B - Dash
(almost every song from Speed is dope.. just saying)
(quite popular, but still not enough. This combo is too sick. Love their other works too)
(only 5M? Wae?)
(not even 5M??? what the ..)
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History - Queen (sadly they disbanded)
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Monsta X - Hero
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Mosta X- Rush
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Infinite - Bad (both videos tho <3)
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History - Might Just Die (drolls)
(I was so addicted to this song I couldn't stop singing nahago nolja and Yeah I know that means play with me xD)
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Criss Gene- La-Di Da-Di (uhh. even more addicting than "Play with me")
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Uniq - EOEO
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Myname - too very so MUCH
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Troy -Green Light (Troy memebers: Jaewoong, Bumkey, Kanto and Changwoo)
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Loco - Thinking about you feat. Jay Park DJ Juice - Higher feat. Loco, Hanhae (Hanhae is or was a member of Phantom)
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G.Na & Sanchez - Beautiful day (T_T) (Sanchez is/was a memeber of Phantom and is Microdot's older brother)
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Phantom - New era
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BUMKEY - backindadayz Feat. Dok2, Microdot, Sanchez a.k.a Fassnakuh, dh-style (What a combination. Uff)
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San - Wish You To Be Unhappy Feat. Bee Of Rphabet
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Primary's, Zion.t's and Dynamic Duo song in general (I miss their colabs)
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Simon D- Cheerz Simon D - Money don't lie Supreme Team - Dang dang dang (Simon D/Simon Domenic, a good looking Korean rapper with a sexy voice, but sadly doesn't have many songs. He was a mamber of Korean hip hop duo called Supreme team, but the he went solo)
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Masta Wu - Don't stop Masta Wu - Come here* *I prefer the one without Bobby and Dok2. (even toh I like them)

Masta Wu has so many good old songs, even tho he made only 2 albums

(If you love Teddy Park, you maybe know about 1tym. Hot and Do you know me are my fav 1TYM's singles)
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When it comes to YG Family it's kinda hard to say which song is my fav. I like even some older yg family song from singers/rappers/groups/duos that are not active anymore or not part of YG anyomore - Gummy, Perry, Stony Skunk, 1TYM, Lexy and so on. But I must admit that Big Bang and Epik High are my fav group.
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<3 LeeSSang's songs. Not just Gary (mostly famous because of Running Man), but Gil /uhh his voice) too. One of my fav singles is "I'm not laughing" featuring Ali (who has an enchanting voice).
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(BTS's almost every freaking song. Like them from day one)
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They are quite good, but I can easily say that my fav songs are: - My Lady, - Baby Don't Cry and - Thunder
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Jay Park has so many good songs, but I think that Metronome is still on top (at least with my bff we couldn't stop replaying it). Even tho are way sipler, but I really like "I Like 2 Party" and "Tonight" (Feat. Kang Mikyung).

Well, there are many singers that I didn't mention, but that's because Korea has really so many singers and this list it's already long. This it's all for now. Took me few hours for making this list xD Making a list like that it's harder than I thought.