1.) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.

“...and I know that your past
Belongs only to you
But it’s your demons
That keep me awake at night.”

~ r.h. Sin ‘your past’

2.) Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?

Yes, if I’m being completely honest.

3.) Who was the last person you texted?

My sister K.💜

4.) Have you stolen a street sign before?

Nope, but I want to. I have a few in mind.

5.) Do you tan or burn?

Both, just depends.

6.) Have you ever had to have surgery?


7.) Are you a righty or a lefty?


8.) Do you have freckles?

Yup. Cute asf too.

9.) Do you always smile for pictures?

Most of the time. If you catch me off guard then I probably will still have my natural RBF

10.) What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?

I think it was Skype..? That laptop is in the bottom of a box somewhere in my void of a garage.

11.) What’s your zodiac sign?

Libra for life ♎️

12.) Have you ever peed in the woods?

Yeah, who hasn’t?

13.) Have you ever pooped in the woods?


14.) What’s your hair color?

Brunette, got some red somewhere according to my mum.

15.) Do you chew your pens and pencils?

No. But when I'm stressed I tear the erasers off.

16.) How many people have you slept with this week?


17.) What color are your eyes?

Brown and green (Hazel) they change according to mood.

18.) Do you wear the hood on hoodies?

Mostly when it rains to be honest.

19.) Is it OK for guys to wear pink?

Of course. It’s cute asf

20.) What’s the farthest away place you’ve been?

Colorado Springs, Colorado (1,387 mi)

21.) Are you allergic to anything?

Pollen like you wouldn’t believe / bird feathers

22.) Do you wear glasses/contacts?

Well the last time I wrote this out, I said no. But now I wear these cute glasses because I can’t read to save my life without them. Blurry.

23.) Where in the world would you like to travel?

California, Alaska, Europe, Ireland and London specifically.

24.) Do you like watching scary movies?

Only if I am with someone, but I’m trying to venture out there..?

25.) What were you doing at midnight last night?

I was asleep. Sleep is the bomb.

26.) What movies could you watch over and over again and still love?

My Girl, Scrooged (the one with Bill Murray), Suicide Squad maybe, Cars because those movies are my childhood, Mean Girls maybe, TITANIC, and a bunch of others. Love me some Disney or Pixar.

27.) Last person you kissed/kissed you?

My dog Buddy cuz he loves me 🖤🐶

28.) Do you have any phobias?

I have a fear of heights, fear of loss, and a fear of butterflies. Yeah. I said butterflies, fight me.

29.) Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?

I don’t know really.

30.) What’s under your bed?

A softball bat, my compound bow, and my prop Lucille bat.

31.) Can you change the oil on a car?

I don't even have a car but trust me I’ll learn.

32.) Ever gotten a speeding ticket?

I’m learning how to drive, and I can guarantee I’ll get busted one day. I’ll let you know.

33.) Ever ran out of gas?


34.) Are you sarcastic?

Sometimes. Depends,

35.) Best thing to eat for breakfast?

Honeybuns, no denying.

36.) What color are your sheets?

Sky blue.

37.) Are you lazy?

Yes unfortunately. Workin on that.

38.) What was the name of your first pet?

Simone (my cat and daughter)

39.) What is your Chinese astrological sign?

Horse, which is coincidentally my favorite animal.

40.) How many languages can you speak?

4: Love, Swearing, Facial Expressions, and English. I’d like to learn Korean but that can wait.

41.) What magazines do you read?

I don't.

42.) How are you feeling right now?

My mood is basically dependent on how well this braces appt. goes and how bad I’m going to suffer afterwards. If it hurts as bad as it did the last time, I’m not going to be very happy at all.

43.) Are you stubborn?

Depends. When it comes to love, dead set decisions, my attitude, yeah.

44.) Can you whistle?

No, I cannot.

45.) Have you read the Harry Potter series?

I've seen the movies.

46.) What’s your favorite candle scent?

Vanilla and Christmas Tree Pine scent TIE.

47.) Do you sing in the car?

Always. Live performance starring Me.

48.) Do you sing in the shower?

Always. Again, best live performance starring Me.

49.) Have your pants ever fallen down in public?

Nope. Knock on wood.

50.) Can you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows?

Yes I can.

51.) Do you make wishes at 11:11?

When I can catch the clock at 11:11 then yes but I don't pay attention.

52.) Do you think musicals are cheesy?

Yeah, kinda. But I’m subjected to it by my dear friend’s K. And Greenie.

53.) Dogs or cats?

Why not both?

54.) Can you touch your nose with your tongue?


55.) Can you walk in heels?

Yes. Took a long time but yes.

56.) Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?

Pro Horse Rider, Superior Court Judge, and Weather Lady.

57.) Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes, yes I do.

58.) Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?

Often, yes.

59.) What inspires you?

Music, quotes, art and people.

60.) Do you wear slippers?


61.) Do you wear a bath robe?


62.) What do you wear to bed?

Shorts and a t-shirt

63.) Have you ever eaten a crayon?


64.) What’s your favorite season?

Winter: the season of hoodies.

65.) What’s your favorite holiday?

Christmas and Hallowelloween are tied

66.) Do you turn the water off when you brush your teeth?


67.) Peanuts or Sunflower seeds?


68.) What is the last thing you watched on TV?

Titanic. It was on last night.

69.) Ever take dance lessons?

Nope. Wish I could.

70.) Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing?


71.) Can you curl your tongue?

Yes I can, which surprises people and I don’t understand it.

72.) Mac or PC?

Mac I guess.

73.) Have you ever cried because you were so happy?


74.) Do you remember your dreams?

Always. Sometimes I write them down.

75.) Do you wear perfume?


76.) Do you regularly burn incense?


77.) Ever been in love?

A few times.

78.) Who would you like to see in concert?

Shinedown, Hollywood Undead (any day) THEORY, Andy Black, Palaye Royale, a bunch more probably. Just take me to Rockville or Carolina Rebellion and I’ll be pleased.

79.) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Let me explore first, and I'll get back to you. But I’ve had this dream of CA for the longest time...?

80.) Hot tea or cold tea?


81.) Tea or coffee?


82.) If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

A car, a house, and everything from Hot Topic/Spencer’s. Get me a Pitbull and then I’ll start asking what others want.

83.) Can you swim well?

Yes I can, but I’m not Olympics Michael Phelps.

84.) Can you hold your breath without holding your nose?

Why this is surprising to people, I don't know, but yes I can.

85.) Are you patient?

That depends ENTIRELY on the situation.

86.) DJ or band at a wedding?

Shinedown or HU at my wedding.

87.) Last time you swam in a pool?

A few weeks ago.

88.) Have you ever had plastic surgery?


89.) Which are better: black or green olives?

Hate them both

90.) Can you knit or crochet?

Neither but my sister is a god at that.

91.) Best room for a fireplace?

Living room I guess

92.) Do you want to get married?

Yes, eventually.

93.) Are you listening to music right now?

Halestorm • I Like It Loud

94.) Is there anything that you’re disappointed about?

Way too many things.

95.) What quote do you live by?

I live by 3, all by r.h. Sin: “So much power in one little woman” “Kiss the hell out of the one who helps you find heaven on earth” and
“No shame on the broken” I also like something that I’ve recently found its “If they stand behind you, PROTECT THEM. If they stand beside you, RESPECT THEM. If they stand against you, DEFEAT THEM.”

96.) Do you have kids?


97.) Do you want kids?

Answer now is no.

98.) What is your favorite color/colors?

They've changed surprisingly, and it's Black and Red.

99.) Do you miss anyone right now?

Yes, a few people.

100.) Do you have any pets?

Yup. A big black Pit/Lab mix named Buddy, a mainecoon cat named Simone, a black cat named Dezi and a striped cat named Lucy (get the joke?)