Fall Breeze, Autumn Leaves + 2017 Fall Makeup Trends You MUST Know!

2017 Fall Makeup Trends
It's Fall!! Okay, well, almost fall.. We're super excited to be diving into cooler months, which means hot cocoa, scarves, sweaters and lots of new makeup trends. Of course, who would we be if we weren't here breaking down the newest fall makeup trends for you? So, grab your favorite argyle socks and knitted sweater (we're well aware temps outside are still 80+, but play along) and read about the upcoming fall trends you must hip yourself to before October arrives.

Metallic eyes have been around for centuries...or something like that. But, this fall the trend comes back - hard! Grab your favorite eyeshadow or eyeshadow palette and create a mesmerizing look using metallic shadows. Tip: our cool fall collection palette contains some amazing duo-chrome, metallic shadows that are sure to knock you into Star Trek world - or some other world that contains a ton of metal..


It wouldn't fall/winter without a beautiful bold lip poking through! With all the red, orange and deep brown leaves falling to the ground it's no wonder that a striking red lip can be a staple in the fall months. We only ask that you pick a blue-toned red - those are the ones that make your pearly whites look even whiter! WIN!


This summer trend has made its way into the fall months. Are you surprised? I mean who could resist the glow of angels, even as the temps are winding down. Fall time calls for a less blinding highlight though, something "subtle". Of course, everything boils down to perspective and we're not sure subtle exists in our vocab when it comes to highlight..


Woo, we're loving this trend. Winged liner is still in for all you catty babes, but graphic liner allows y'all with more artistic capabilities to go wild on your liner. Now, we're not exactly fans of the whole wavy liner and brow trend, but to each his own. Plus, wavy liner might be hypnotizing..or at least that's our theory as to why everyone's obsessed with it!

So, there you go babes! We can't wait to cozy up with our new Fall Collection and a good ol' cup of cocoa and watch the leaves fall to the ground and stay there - I mean, raking is so 2011. Let us know down below which trend is your fave! Plus, tag us using #NicoletteCosmetics in any fall trend looks you create using our goodies. Cause, we'd kinda love to see!!