If I could tell him everything I see,
Everything he means to me.
If I could tell him how his eyes shine in the sunlight,
How endearing he is when as he tries to slouch into his height.
He sways as he walks, wishes not to be so tall,
With every step those soft brown curls, how they rise and fall.
How dorky he is when he rambles about video games,
excited brown eyes hiding behind thick brown frames.
How his freckles could out number the stars in the sky,
I always said I could never fall for such a guy.
Not a guy who would fight a war for my affection,
Not a jealous guy keen on my protection,
Not a flawless guy with perfect complexion.
I always said I could never fall a guy like you,
With all your zits and all your flaws,
All your stuttering becomes a chore.
You lanky arms lying awkwardly alone,
Sitting in the corner pretending to text on your phone.
He isn’t the perfect guy, so why does he make me feel the way I do?
A guy with baggage and imperfections
Yet still not even a guy who would look in my direction.
Tell me I could do better,
Tell me he’s too slim, too thin,
That hair could use a trim,
A better man would go to the gym,
But I don’t want better, all I want is him.
For cinderella has already claimed prince charming.
If I were cinderella, would he be a peasant?
Alas wouldn’t I forgo the riches to be in his presence?
Would it be so unpleasant?
The boy who sees himself as less than a prince,
Maybe he needs a girl who will persuade and convince.
I will be your princess if you offer me the throne,
I’ll sit beside you so you never have to be alone.
Remind you how perfect you are each time you see me,
I’ll tell you on repeat until you believe me,
For my own eyes would never deceive me,
Lie and tell me you aren’t ever so dreamy.
But really we needn’t a queen, nor a king,
We needn’t a wedding or a diamond ring,
We needn’t a romance or a casual fling,
All I need is to speak and to have him listen.
To tell him the tales I see of kings and queens,
I know it’s extravagant for we’re only teens
Which is why all i wish to tell of him
Is everything I see, everything he means,
everything he means to me.