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On the start of fall, we decided to honor this beautiful season by sharing some of your seasonally themed articles. Fall, a time for cozy sweaters, pumpkin pie, breezy walks through the fall foliage, and time for family and friends - how can you not adore it.

You got especially creative the past few weeks sharing recipes, fall fashion trends, must-watch lists for Halloween, and overall made it quite clear that fall is just a very special season.

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To start off user @teo_cupcake gave a beautiful statement about why fall is so endearing. This article is an ode to those few month every year which are distinguished by a very special weather and an incomparable atmosphere.

Fall and hot drinks are inseparable. Fortunately user @sweeet_space collected a few must-try fall recipes for you to be inspired by. We can’t wait to try them ourselves.

Not everyone can be one of the tough ones. It’s totally acceptable to be spooked easily and to avoid scary movies. To still get your money’s worth during the horror high season our user @IWASBUSYTHINKINBOUT collected an alternative must-watch list. Grab a hot drink and enjoy!

Fall is all about cozy clothes and chic layers. We start fishing knitwear out of our closets and indulge in wearing autumn colors, on contrary to the bright tones of summer. Here is a inspirational article that sums up fashion must-haves for the season presented to you by our user @Aaliyah_Khan786.

Who wants to go even more specific on their look can additionally go all fall colors on their makeup. Dark lipsticks, and bronze or brown eyeshadows give you just the twist you’re looking for. In this article our user @beautiful_pluto displays some fall favorites.

pumpkin, autumn, and fall image autumn, fall, and leaves image autumn, fall, and coffee image pumpkin, autumn, and fall image