Have you ever waking up so easy in the morning and just want to rock the day? You probably already slaying the day! It's not easy but at least we're living. Here are few TIPS on how to SLAY everyday like a BOSS!

Wake up feeling GRATEFUL for everything 😇

My psychiatrist used to ask me these questions ; How do I wake up in the morning? Do I smile realizing that I'm still alive? Who are the first one I'm thinking about in the morning? What kind of feelings you have when you wake up? It doesn't matter how hard our CONDITIONS are at the moment. Even if we only have our pet to rely on, we need to thank them for being by our side 😉

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Ditch your coffee once in a while and start your day with healthy energy boosting food. Food like Brown Rice, Sweet Potato, Honey, Bananas, Apples, Oranges, Spinach, Beans, Almonds, Salmon, Yogurt, Eggs can actually give you more energy for the day than a cup of coffee! These food are full of proteins and fibers, and it automatically will light your body throughout the day! 😆

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Dress WELL & make a STATEMENT 💅

You need to dress well everyday. Dressing well doesn't mean you need to dress in formal way like you're going for a job interview, you can have your own distinct style. You can be edgy, you can be chic, you can be avant-garde, you can be anything you want as long as you make a STATEMENT with your personal fashion. If you can't seem to find your own style, maybe you can refer to some celebrity style or just anyone who dress well. SLAY YOUR OWN STYLE DEARIES 😉

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Have you ever look at someone and deep inside you wish to be like her/him? My favorite ROLE MODEL is the pretty and smart EMMA WATSON !! (screaming inside). She's pretty, no doubt. But what makes me to choose her as my role model is because she's very SMART. She really live the life of Hermione Granger. She loves to read which I enjoy myself too. She's very passionate with her study. She always do charity and she wants to improve the world humanity. She has a very good taste in fashion! All of these qualities are the reason why I LOVE HER and I wish to be just like her ❤️❤️

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You might have a bad day today. It's okay, everyone might experiencing the same thing. It's very important to forgive those who hurt you today, the other day, or many years ago. Forgive them before go to bed, it will bring you peace I swear. I live by this quote "TODAY I DECIDED TO FORGIVE YOU NOT BECAUSE YOU APOLOGIZED, OR BECAUSE YOU ACKNOWLEDGED THE PAIN THAT YOU CAUSED ME, BUT BECAUSE MY SOUL DESERVES PEACE". This helped me so much so I hope it will help you guys too. XOXO

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