I've come to the point where I don't control my feelings anymore. It's all in her hands. Some may say that's a bad thing, depending on someone else, but if it's real you know it's in good hands. Your trust in that person has come to this point where there is no questioning anymore. You can really lose yourself in someone. Care less about your own needs and instead make sure your significant others needs are always priority. I would do anything for her. Even if it's just a moment to see her magnificent eyes. She's more important. Always. People say love is weakness. When love is right it should be your strenght, the perfect balance of 2 individuals. Filling in eachothers needs.

And that's what she does to me. She makes me smile the brightest I ever did. She makes me a better version of me. She's there for anything. She's the defenition of beauty, mentally AND physically. There are not enough existant words to describe this amazing human. I'd share my everything with her. If I have her by my side, I need nothing else. Love is really all you need sometimes. No feeling is enough to describe how crazy she makes me feel. She's perfect in any way. Her voice is like a crystal clear melody playing in my head. Her eyes sparkle like little stars. Holding her makes me fly. All of this because of one message. We're the luckiest to have found each other. If you find this and read it baby, please text me. I love you ❤️