Hi !! Today i do for you 10 tips for sleeping better, it's working on me, so i hope you like it!


1. Don't Drink coffee or coke before going sleeping.

To sleep well, avoid very early stimulants: the last coffee after the lunch, no Coke after 16 hours.

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2. Practise a sport in the day.

To go in for sport during the day favors the falling asleep, but avoid making it in the evening

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3. To pay attention has your food.

Try to consume regularly, food rich in vitamin B (fish, soya, dried fruits, cereal). The calcium and the magnesium also favor the sleep thanks to their soothing action(share) on the nervous system. We find the calcium especially in dairies and magnesium in the chocolate, the fruits and the dried vegetables.

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4. An airy room.

Sleep in a room neither too hot, nor too cold.

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5. Have a short nap early in the afternoon.

By closing eyes 5 in 20 minutes by relaxing the body, the sleep quickly comes if the need is there. A nap allows to maintain the vigilance the rest of the day.