Hello, lovely people of WeHeartIt!

Today I'm gonna talk about - you guessed it - Kpop. I'm definitely not the first, or the last, to talk about Kpop. However, I want to look at a different aspect of it, one that changed my life for the better.

Before Kpop, I used to be really into rock and metal music. And although I still enjoy rock music very much, but I must admit I was in a very dark place back then. Mind you, I'm not blaming the genre for this. In fact, I know a lot of people who have found the strength to go on thanks to rock music (and I'm not really an exception).

However, when Kpop came to me and attacked me with its outstanding choreographies, talented young artists and unique concepts, something in me changed. I became... happier.

I've only been into Kpop for a little over a year, and yet I can see I have changed so much - for the better. I feel happier, for Kpop has added lots of colour into my life. I have become more sociable and can now easily meet new people and make friends. Seeing how much my favourite idols value good food has enabled me to rebuild a healthy relationship with food, and become healthier in general. I have also seen how much idols value their family and friends, which has also encouraged me to build better relationships in my life and never take anyone for granted. And most importantly, I have learned to love and accept myself.

Although I still enjoy many different music genres (rock is still one of my faves, haha), not just Kpop exclusively, it holds a very special place in my heart for shaping me into the person I am today - someone much happier, pleasant and healthier. I don't know if I'll still be listening to Kpop when I'm older, but I will always remember its benefits and positive impact in my life.

So I hope you enjoyed this article (my first one ever, haha), and remember - I wanted to address how Kpop has changed MY life, so if you have any thoughts you wanna share, go ahead and message me on my Tumblr (or here, whatever you prefer)!

Remember to always listen to whatever music YOU enjoy, and whatever makes you feel good. Remember to love yourselves, be healthy, and always talk to someone if you're going through a hard time.

See you on (hopefully) my next article, have an awesome day! xx