Hi, my name is Anja and today I would like to tell you few facts about my country-Slovenia.

1. It is most southern part of Central Europe.
2. Our border countries are: Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia.
3. The capital city is Ljubljana and yes, 99% of foreigners can't pronounce its name correctly. :)
4. Slovene language is one of the three languages in the world and only official language that has/use dual system. That means that our nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs also have dual form that is referring to precisely 2 objects/persons.
5. Slovenian belongs into group of Slavic languages and it's often referred as most diverse one in terms of dialect. It has 7 main dialect groups that are subdivided into over 50 different dialects.
6. Slovenia is independent since 1991. The first independent country, formed on our territory in 658 AD, was called Carantania. Its leaders were Carantanian dukes.
7. Slovenia was for most of the time always part of other countries/empires. Some of them are: Roman Empire, Hapsburg Monarchy and Yugoslavia.
8. It is very small country with a population of 2 million. However, we have mountains, underground caves, lakes, rivers and even sea.
9. Slovenia is 3rd most forest covered country in Europe. Around 60% of our territory is covered with forests.
10. It's often mistaken for Slovakia in fact, a lot of post that is addressed to Slovenia actually ends up in Slovakia.