when i had 14 yo i got bullied . i wasn't kicked or hit but verbally bullied .
at the beginning of that year , i was in a class full of 'popular' ,mean girls that i didnt like so i decided to change to an other class, well it didnt go well , at all.
at first i made friends but then with time i dont know what happened , they started to build distances with me and i thought it was kind of joke and this is just a period just to test me . things are becoming serious and those bunch of girls started insulting me , some had the courage to make fun of me in front of me and some were gossiping thinking i couldnt hear them. even there was a day that i logged in facebook and found a text full of insults from a girl hat i dont know but she was the bff of one of the girls . boys weren't cool either , they were following that league , so basically i didnt make friends but a girl , that girl wasn't even my type but its like i had to make a girl friend no matter what her interests are because being a teenager means having friends and not having ones is something weird and probably means you have something wrong with you .
the great part of this that even i had many problems with my parents that year , i tried to tell them what was happening with me but they just kept telling me that things will be alright in the end , they kept telling me to keep being peaceful.
i was a shy and peaceful girl . those weren't good qualities back then beacause they have hurt me , being a teenager demands strength and and looots of love ! i didnt had those two back then but i think this helped me to become who i am which im relly proud of . and i cant describe how proud i am for not having that dark hole anymore when it comes to speak about that phase
NOTE: at the end of that year , when i was about to go out fro my the lassroom they came to me saying that they were kind of wrong about me and that i wasn't like what they thought i am!