FROM PRIDE TO PRISON A Cautionary Tale "The most important reason (for this book) is to write a cautionary tale about pride and what can happen when you get too full of yourself because of money or fame or just plain good luck. I learned, the hard way, that your prosperity can also be your adversity. I lived a hell on earth for four years as I was investigated, charged, convicted, and sentenced, climaxed by the four months I spent at Terminal Island. I wouldn't do it again in my worst nightmare, but I learned some valuable lessons I might never have otherwise learned. That's what I'd like to share with you. If my story can help one person, just one person, so they don't have the same problem; if they can say, listen, that could happen to me, I need to be careful to not think too much of myself, to the point that I believe the rules don't apply to me, that I can cut a corner here and step over the line there with no consequences, it will be more than worth it." A. Rand Robison

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