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I remember waking up every day wanting to be next to you. I would always get up before you, but that's okay because it meant I could lay by your side longer. Your cologne never wore off overnight. I could always smell the crisp pines all through sunrise.
The off day where I sleep in I could tell because I could smell the coffee before I even left the bed. The warm aroma would catch me and pull me downstairs where I would find you. The warm cup would heat my hands, and the first sip would soothe my throat. I never knew how you could make the best cup of coffee for someone who never drank any.
On cold nights, you would cuddle me into a warm blanket and we would waste the night watching bad romantic comedies, sharing stories of our past. You would tell me stories about your adventures at night, wondering the woods trying to find the best place to pitch a tent. I would tell you about the city, how the winter nights were filled with couples skating until dawn, holding each other, kissing each other. The stories never got too far as I would always fall asleep and you would wrap a warm blanket around me and kiss my cheek.

It's cold now and all I think about are those nights. Those nights when it felt like just me and you and all the responsibilities we had faded away and life would just stop. It would stop and gives us these moments to look into each others' eyes and say everything that's on our minds.
I tell stories of you now. I tell stories of our own adventures in the mountains and the nights when we went skating. I still remember them all. I still remember you. Your broad shoulders that matched mine. You warm hand that balanced my cold ones. The softness of your lips and the way you held me tight at night. I remember the way we danced and the way we laughed and the way we cried. I remember all these things but most important I remember love. I remember the love I felt for you and the love I felt when I was around you and the love when I wasn't even near you. I felt it every day with you. I feel it every day without you.